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Deprecated Features

These features have been deprecated and it's recommended not to use them.


ModCS.Organya was the namespace for playing music before ModCS It was renamed to comply with the planned feature of playing WAV/OGG files as music.


ModCS.Rect.Put2Surface(rect, x, y, surfacefrom, surfaceto)

Draw the given Rect from the surface with ID surfacefrom to the surface with ID surfaceto.

This has been deprecated in favor of ModCS.Rect.Put() being able to draw to a Surface since ModCS

Old way of defining game object Act functions.

Before ModCS the default way to define custom Act functions of NPCs was ModCS.Npc.ActX or ModCS.Caret.ActX where X was the Game object type ID.

This was deprecated in favor of an Act array contained in the game objects' class namespaces.