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Caret Type IDs

A Caret Type ID (Also known as Act ID or character code) is a number that defines an Caret's type.

Caret Table

A table of default Caret sprite offsets are stored in a caret.tbl file in the data folder. When Carets of a set type are spawned they will initially use sprite offsets from their Caret Table entry, although these offsets can be changed for Carets with scripting at any time.

Caret Type reference

Caret Type ID Caret
0 Null
1 Bubble
2 Projectile dissipation
3 Shoot Particle
4 Snake Afterimage (Unused)
5 Zzz Sleeping Particles
6 Snake Afterimage (Duplicate)
7 Booster Particle
8 Drowned Player
9 Interact Question mark
10 'Level Up!'
11 Red hurt particles
12 Explosion flash
13 White circle particles (Used by Demon Crown and when the player bumps onto a ceiling)
14 Broken caret
15 Small projectile dissipation
16 'Empty!'
17 'PUSH JUMP KEY!' (Unused)

Overriding Carets

ModCS allows you to override a Caret type's act code. If a function in the ModCS.Caret.Act array is defined with the index X (where X is the Caret Type ID of the Caret Type you want to override) in your Lua script the game will run that function instead of the built-in Caret act code. A ModCS.Caret will be passed as the first argument of the function when it's called.


This example will set the Rect of Caret Type 1 to 0,0,8,8.

ModCS.Caret.Act[1] = function(crt)