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1 - Basics

After you've downloaded ModCS and launched your editor of choice, it's time to start making your mod.

To open your mod in an editor go to File -> Load and navigate to your Mod's data folder. There load stage.tbl.


The King's Table uses a different system for loading mods. You will have to open your stage.tbl file from File -> New. Afterwards, press File -> Save Project to save a The King's Table project file for your mod. Any time you want to load your mod afterwards press File -> Load and open your project file.

Loading Different Engines

You will have to load different things for different Cave Story engines. For CSE2 Enhanced you may load a mrmap.bin. For Freeware modding you will have to load your mod EXE. If you will be modding freeware it's very important to press File -> Save All right after you have loaded your EXE.