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Bullet Type IDs

An Bullet Type ID (Also known as Act ID or bullet code) is a number that defines an Bullet's type.

Bullet Table

A table of default Bullet properties are stored in a bullet.tbl file in the data folder. You may edit this table with your favorite Cave Story editor. When Bullets of a set type are spawned they will initially use properties from their Bullet Table entry, although these properties can be changed for Bullets with scripting at any time.


Some vanilla Bullets change their damage or other features gotten from the Bullet Table dynamically. Changing the Bullet Table properties on these Bullet will most likely have little effect.

Bullet Type reference

Bullet Type ID Bullet
0 Null
1-3 Snake
4-6 Polar Star
7-9 Fireball
10-12 Machine Gun
13-15 Missile Launcher Rocket
16-18 Missile Launcher Explosion
19-21 Bubbline
22 Bubbline Level 3 Thorns
23 Blade Level 3 Slashes
24 Falling Spike (In "Egg Corridor?")
25-27 Blade
28-30 Super Missile Launcher Rocket
31-33 Super Missile Launcher Explosion
34-36 Nemesis
37-39 Spur
40-42 Spur Trail
42 Curly's Nemesis
44 Screen Nuke
45 Whimsical Star

Overriding Bullets

ModCS allows you to override an Bullet type's act code. If a function in the ModCS.Bullet.Act array is defined with the index X (where X is the Bullet Type ID of the Bullet Type you want to override) in your Lua script the game will run that function instead of the built-in Bullet act code. A ModCS.Bullet will be passed as the first argument of the function when it's called.


This example will set the Rect of Bullet Type 1 (The Snake Level 1 Bullet) to 16,0,32,16.

ModCS.Bullet.Act[0] = function(bul)