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1.5 - NPC Placement

NPCs (Also known as Entities) are in-game objects used for cutscenes and as enemies. NPCs can be stored in maps. Individual map NPC placement is stored in .pxe files that can be found in the data/Stage/ folder. NPCs use Tile Unit coordinates when stored in PXE files, but in-game they use Pixel Unit coordinates.

1.5.1 - PXE Entry Parameters

Individual entries in PXE files can have unique parameters such as Event ID and Flag ID. These parameters are used with TextScript. Individual entries can also have unique NPC Bits set.

1.5.2 - NPC Sprites

NPCs' sprites will be taken from specific parts of either the NPC Spritesheet 1 or 2 specified per Stage Table entry or from global spritesheets. From where NPC sprites are taken is usually specified in an NPC type's NPC Table entry.