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Bullet Bits

Bullet Bits (Also known as Bullet Flags) are toggles on Bullets that enable certain Bullet features. They can be turned on for individual Bullet Types.


In the original game Bullet Bits are bit-wise. Because of this, many editors show bitwise information for them. For simplicity's sake ModCS uses normal decimal values.

Value Bitwise Value Usage
2 0x0004 Ignore tile collision.
3 0x0008 Don't vanish when hitting a tile.
4 0x0010 Go trough invincible NPCs.
5 0x0020 Be able to break Snack blocks.
6 0x0040 Go trough Snack blocks.


ModCS.Bullet.SetBit(bul, bit)

Sets the bit bit for bul.


ModCS.Npc.UnsetBit(bul, bit)

Unsets the bit bit for bul.


ModCS.Npc.CheckBit(bul, bit)

Returns true if the bit bit for bul is set. Returns false otherwise.