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The ModCS.Color class represents colors. They are stored in a RGB format.

A ModCS.Color is userdata. You may access and edit the following values from it:

Value Type Usage
red Number (Casted to integer) Red value of an RGB color (0-255).
green Number (Casted to integer) Green value of an RGB color (0-255).
blue Number (Casted to integer) Blue value of an RGB color (0-255).


ModCS.Color.Create(red, green, blue)

Returns a ModCS.Color.

All parameters are optional. If any parameters are given, the returned ModCS.Color will use those parameters as RGB values.


ModCS.Color.Set(color, red, green, blue)

Sets the ModCS.Color given in the color parameter to a ModCS.Color with the following parameters.


ModCS.Color.Box(color, x, y, width, height, surface)
ModCS.Color.Box(color, rect, surface)

Draw a colored box to the screen at coordinates x and y with width width and height height.

The surface parameter is optional. If it's specified, draw a colored box to surface with ID surface instead.


For a more traditional CortBox usage you may specify a rect instead of coordinates and size.