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0.2 - Installing an Editor

To mod Cave Story you will need a visual editor for property tables, maps, etc. Cave Story Map Editors usually contain all the tools you would need at once.

There are 3 editors the community still actively uses and 2 editors which can be used with ModCS.

Pros Cons
Designed for low-end PCs. Still maintained but not very actively updated.
Works on any OS which Java supports. May be buggy and glitchy at times.
The most supported by the community editor. Confusing UI design.


Booster's Lab is the editor this guide will mainly focus on. However, you should be able to figure out where different features on different editors are with ease. This guide personally reccomends using Booster's Lab.

Download and extract Booster's Lab from here:

Download Booster's Lab (v0.5.1.1)

To launch Booster's Lab, run launch_classic.bat.


Absolutely never use launch_layers.bat on your mod. "Layers Mode" is experimental and the only thing it will do on a normal mod is 'corrupt' all of its map files.

0.2.2 The King's Table

Pros Cons
Actively updated. Work in progress and experimental editor.
Supports a variety of different mod setups. Every map is a separate Window.
Doesn't require Java installed. Only officially supported OS is Windows.

Download and extract The King's Table from here:

Download The King's Table

To launch The King's Table, run CaveStoryEditor.exe.

0.2.3 Cave Editor

There really is not much there to say about Cave Editor. It is heavily outdated and does not support ModCS.

Download Cave Editor (v0.99d)